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Thank you so much, again, Monika...! It was a week full of magic, surprises and you certainly brought the infinite joy of creating into the room! I must say I have truly learned a lot from you as well as my fellow students (finally some pieces were coming together) and it was absolutely FUN! I am proud of (and grateful for) what I accomplished. Looking forward to seeing you again, Freie Kunst Akademie Augsburg was definitely "worth the trip", Love from The Netherlands - Astrid
Astrid B. aus Eerbeek am 07.08.2022
Wieder sorgte Renate für vier beglückende Tage
voller Bereicherung , Anregungen ,
Weiterhelfen , Weiterkommen und Erfolg ,
gewürzt mit Humor und Herzlichkeit .
Ein " Michelin Stern " für Koch Wladimir .
Anneliese S. aus Würzburg am 05.08.2022